What is the Human Design System?

Your Getting Started Guide

You are here for a reason

Both ancient wisdom and modern science tell us this - you have a higher purpose. 

Scientists are confirming what many of us intuitively know - that there is purpose to our lives. 

We are entering a new quantum reality and it requires a whole new way of being you, reveals a whole new level of purpose. 

What if there was a map that showed you the way?

The Human Design System is your personal map to a new kind of consciousness. Following this map releases your natural self with breathtaking clarity and simplicity. 

Join Kim for a personal tour of your Human Design.

This free 4 module course takes you step-by-step through understanding your own Design, and how you can be naturally yourself.

You are about to discover secrets of quantum consciousness not available to us until now. 

Discover your personal map in this step-by-step free introductory course.

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Kim Gould
Kim Gould
Creator | Emergent Human Design

About Kim Gould

Consciousness Mentor, Human Design Specialist, Coach and Teacher

Your old ways of doing and being aren't working anymore.

Emergent Human Design is THE TOOL for consciousness, bringing ancient esoteric and modern sciences into one PERSONAL chart that's all about YOU!

I deeply live what I teach, and have been mentoring, coaching and teaching people from all around the world, supporting them to access their own unique way to create personal change since 2004.

Each year, I get the absolute thrill of leading the Emergent Women's Program and the Emergent Human Design Coaches Training.

You can learn more about me and my business at loveyourdesign.com

What is Human Design?

I created this free course to introduce you to the amazing world of Human Design. It really has to be experienced, rather than explained. That's because your own chart can create such wonderful feelings of recognition - something you knew about yourself yet also didn't grasp till now. 

So what is Human Design?

Back in 1987 a man known as Ra Uru Hu received a 'download' of incredible information about human consciousness and our role in evolution. He was given a way of mapping each person's unique energy field using a synthesis of four ancient wisdoms. 

  • Chakras
  • Astrology
  • I Ching
  • Kabbalah

This personal map is practical, precise and powerful

Would you like to discover a whole new way to be yourself at this time of shifting consciousness?

In this course I guide you, step-by-step in 

  • creating your unique Human Design chart 
  • discovering your personal strategies for shifting your consciousness. 

The stellar map that you showed me was the very map etched out in my cells.

EM, March 2011




What's included?

4 Videos
1 Multimedia
4 Texts
4 PDFs
4 Disqus

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  • Beyond Pluto - a Guide to Galactic Consciousness
  • Beginners Guide to Feminine DNA
  • Beginners Guide to Transits in Human Design
  • Beginners Guide to Subtle Layers of Human Design
  • Beginners Guide to Soul Progressions in Human Design
  • Beginners Guide to Quantum Strategy

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