Emergent Women 2018

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A Year Long Immersion in Emergence

A new you is emerging. 

It is exciting. But the changes can leave you feel isolated. As your old support networks fall away it can feel as if you are walking alone without a guide. Your previous spiritual practices might feel hollow and unsatisfying. They just aren't working the way they used to! 

This is your invitation to step away from your old ways of being and doing, to emerge into a new universal flow of creation. 

You are being invited beyond the old spiritual truths and into a new consciousness. 

Join me for a 10 month deep dive into Quantum Consciousness

  • Be part of a supportive community filled with passionate women who are ready to be vulnerable, authentic, real and available to emergence. 
  • Discover new ways to think about who you are becoming.
  • Explore your personal role in our emerging reality. 
  • Transition from the old spirituality into new consciousness skills which give better outcomes for yourself personally and our world.

It's Human Design gone Quantum! 

Human Design bridges ancient esoteric wisdom and modern science. It holds the consciousness keys to our newly emergent reality. 

In the Emergent Women's program you will discover the feminine aspects of Human Design and how they align with Quantum Consciousness.

Within the vessel of community, you will learn your own unique way to walk that emergent path. No one can do it like you!

Is it time for you to step into a new reality? 

In 2017 we co-created a powerful community of women who took their first steps in a new quantum reality. 

Now, you can join us. 


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  • Introduction to Quantum Strategies
  • Overview of Human Design transits for 2018
  • Two webinars on Quantum Consciousness and Human Design. 
  • Detailed transit overviews for December and January. 

The free trial closes on 15 December, after which only fully paid members can access the Emergent Women Program materials.

Kim Gould
Kim Gould
Creator | Emergent Human Design

About Kim Gould

Consciousness Mentor, Human Design Specialist, Coach and Teacher

Your old ways of doing and being aren't working anymore.

Emergent Human Design is THE TOOL for consciousness, bringing ancient esoteric and modern sciences into one PERSONAL chart that's all about YOU!

I deeply live what I teach, and have been mentoring, coaching and teaching people from all around the world, supporting them to access their own unique way to create personal change since 2004.

Each year, I get the absolute thrill of leading the Emergent Women's Program and the Emergent Human Design Coaches Training.

You can learn more about me and my business at loveyourdesign.com

When are the live classes?

Are you ready for a profound dimensional shift in your life? 

Classes start on the first week in February 2018 and continue until November.

US Class
Australia Tuesdays at noon AEDT
USA Mondays at Pacific 5pm and Eastern 8pm

Europe Class
Australia Tuesdays at 7pm
GMT Tuesdays at 7am
CET Tuesdays at 8am

Please note, these times will change slightly throughout the year as daylight saving/summer time takes effect around the world. 

How do I secure my place in the Emergent Womens Program?

If you would like to go ahead and secure your place in the Emergent Womens Program, register and pay before 15 December to get continued access to all your bonuses. Plus, you can be sure you won't miss out on a spot. 

Make a single payment of $880

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Or make 10 monthly payments of $99

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What's Included? 

10 Months of Powerful Group Coaching

We meet monthly from February to November to explore the emerging themes of consciousness. You can ask questions, share your experience, get feedback, explore your Design. 

3 Live Online Video Classes Each Month

Each month we have three live classes where Kim Gould shares all the important activations and opportunities for the coming week. Each class is recorded for you to stream and download. 

A Lively and Diverse Facebook Group

Ask questions, share your experiences, learn from the journeys of other women in your community. This is a 'secret' group so all conversations are private and you are free to share openly. 

We have a policy and practice of loving kindness and confidentiality. 

Monthly Transit Guides

Each month you get access to a detailed daily overview of the Human Design transits, including the Goddess Planets, with an explanation of the major monthly themes. 

Kim also does facebook live videos each week to keep you up to date.    


A Unique and Safe Community

I have designed this community to be a place where you can share your fears, your hopes and your opinions. 

The Emergent Women Program provides an opportunity to support each other to a positive and active engagement with your world.  You will also be learning about new tools and skills of consciousness that you can apply immediately.

Also, you get to hang out and talk about Human Design!

Access the Archives!

As part of your membership, you receive access to all the Beginner Level Guides to Emergent Human Design. 

This includes the FULL version of online classes on Subtle Layers, Soul Progressions, Transits, Asteroids and Feminine Codes in Human Design,  PLUS the COMPLETE 13 module Introduction to Human Design

This reference library is available to you to keep and will support you to integrate all you learn during the year in the Program. 

10 months bonus access to the MyDivine.Design  app

You receive a full 10 months membership to MyDivine.Design, which gives you complete access to the interactive Emergent HD chart system.

Create Subtle Layer charts, check your Minor Planets, follow your Progressions throughout the year. 

You also get access to the Shared Charts folder - where you can view the Design charts of all members of the Program. (If you don't want to share your chart, we won't make it available). 

Small Group Sessions

For those who want more, our team will create small groups where you can meet in our Zoom Room to explore the materials in a peer-to-peer environment. 

These small groups give you more feedback and a more diverse way to explore the materials from class.  It's also a fantastic way to get to know people better. I find long-term friendships often form in these groups!

What others have been saying about this course:

Rebecca Mordini

Co-creating with the Universe- and a group of great women

The 2017 Emergent Women program was a real blessing. Kim was a steady star, lighting the way for this year of transformation for me, where everything looks the same on the outside, but everything is different on the inside. I feel we have just to...

susie Miller

Perfect title

Emergent women delivers what it says! I have emerged to a new level of consciousness, the consciousness that is permeates through my body. This is directly because of the love and deep safety coming from Kim. She allows, she loves and I am in cons...

Our World Needs You Now

We need you to see differently, and respond to what you see in new solution-oriented ways. We need you to imagine a new world and know how to create it. We need you to be yourself! 

You can't do it alone. None of us can, and we weren't meant to! You need a strong, safe and supportive community. 

You need a leader who can see emerging patterns and who shares them in ways you can undestand and apply. In difficult times it is even more important to have a guide who has the experience to teach you emergent new consciousness tools.  Kim Gould has been leading womens groups in emerging consciousness since 2010. 

You have been preparing for this time. For decades, and probably for lifetimes. 2018 is your time to bring this home. 

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