Emergent Human Design

Your Human Design chart is just the beginning


What is the Human Design System?

Your Getting Started Guide. The Human Design System is your personal tool for quantum consciousness - bringing ancient spiritual wisdom and cutting edge science together in one personal blueprint.


Human Design Fundamentals

Learn how to read your Human Design chart - the Bodygraph, Definition, Type, Awareness and more. This course doesn't just teach you the keynotes, but how to look at a chart and truly understand it.


The Emergent Human Design Beginners Series

All you need to get you started with the magic of Emergent Human Design


Your Complete Guide to Transits in Human Design

Learn how to read the Just Now chart and understand the opportunities the transiting planets bring into your life every day.


Your Fundamental Guide to Asteroids in Human Design

Unlocking the Archetypal Layer of your Human Design.


Your Complete Guide to Holographic Human Design

What's going on for you right now? Discover your unique holographic growing pattern - using your Human Design!