Emergent Human Design

Your Human Design chart is just the beginning


What is the Human Design System?

Your Getting Started Guide. The Human Design System is your personal tool for quantum consciousness - bringing ancient spiritual wisdom and cutting edge science together in one personal blueprint.


Your Introduction to Human Design

Everything you need to understand your unique Human Design // 13 comprehensive how-to modules.


The Emergent Human Design Beginners Series

All you need to get you started with the magic of Emergent Human Design


Quantum Strategies of Human Design

Your Human Design is embedded with personal strategies from the Quantum Realm.


Beginners Guide to Asteroids

Unlocking the Archetypal Layer of your Human Design.


Beyond Pluto - A Guide to Galactic Consciousness

In 2006 something extraordinary happened. Pluto opened a Galactic doorway of new consciousness. Learn how to map it in your Human Design chart.